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About Novavax

We are committed to delivering novel products that leverage our innovative proprietary recombinant nanoparticle vaccine technology to prevent a broad range of infectious diseases. We produce vaccine candidates to efficiently and effectively respond to both known and emerging disease threats.

Never has our path forward been more clear or the need greater.

Uniquely Qualified

“We will draw on our experience in developing vaccine candidates for some of the world’s toughest viral threats and use the power of our innovative recombinant nanoparticle vaccine platform, fortified by our Matrix-M™ adjuvant, to address an urgent need—to reduce the human toll of vaccine-preventable diseases.”

Stanley Erck
President and Chief Executive Officer

Threats continually emerge and evolve

An agile and determined team

Novavax scientists accelerate the development of new and promising vaccines by building on years of study and experience. Smart, talented, dedicated, and hardworking, they are driven by a passion to find answers and to solve some of our greatest health challenges.